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Mortgage Questions

Getting Started on Your Pre-Approval

Pre-Approval Header

Congratulations on making the decision to get pre-approved; even if you’re just only thinking about it today. This is this place to be to get your easy, no-cost pre-approval started! My Team & I here at Envoy Mortgage are looking forward to being an integral part of the solution to your home lending needs and education.


Step One – Free Pre-Approval Application

Please complete your online application HERE. My team will be notified automatically once you submit the application form.

If you prefer to complete the application in person or over the phone, please click the “Schedule a Free Consult” button at the bottom of your screen to set that appointment up or call us to get an appointment set up.

Step Two (of two) – Submit Documentation

After we review your application, we will send you a custom list of documents we’ll need prior to issuing the written pre-approval letter. If you’re ready to get going on that list now, a general list of those items can be found HERE. If you want to know why these items are needed, see below. But first, you’ll need to know all of the ways you can send my team the documents noted above are shown HERE.

Why the Docs?

Prior to the pre-approval being issued, there will be some documents required to avoid a “Credit Only; Income and Assets not Verified” Pre-Approval.  Having an “Income and Asset Verified” Pre-Approval can be the difference between your offer getting accepted or rejected!  Sellers and Realtor’s prefer a buyer who has had both Income and Assets Verified by a Licensed Loan Officer.

Our goal is to help you present the most attractive offer to the seller of your next home AND to set you up for complete success by helping you make informed choices along the way.