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Homebuyer Education – Online Class

If you’re unsure what loan program you are going for, please contact our team before starting to avoid wasting time and/or money. The guidance below, however, may be helpful.

If you’re pre-approved for the HomeReady program (typically this is a loan with these three attributes: 3% down, Conventional and first-time buyer), you’ll need to complete homebuyer’s education through Framework. There is a $75 fee for the Framework class; paid when you sign up.

If you’re going for a WHEDA Loan, please be sure to check their website for the list of approved education vendors.

If you’re asked to complete a free homebuyer education due to the loan program requirements, typically related to certain FHA loans, please complete these steps:

  • Visit
  • Complete all five areas noted under Step 1
  • Compete the Test noted in Step 3.
    • For the Homebuyer Education Code, be sure to enter your loan officer’s email address to ensure that we get your original certificate of completion.
    • You’ll also need to sign the certificate that is emailed to you and send it to our team.