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What Opportunities Have You Missed?

Missed Mortgage Opportunities

Buying Stock in Apple Computer for less than $10 per share. Buying up farmland during the Great Depression. Building a website to connect your friends before some kid from Harvard did it first.

“I was seldom able to see an opportunity until it had ceased to be one.” – Mark Twain

The world is full of opportunities missed. Funny thing is, at the time they were readily available or begging for attention, no one seemed to care. Those who actually took action were often dismissed as crazy.

What opportunities have you missed recently? With uncertainty and negative sentiment surrounding the real estate market for several years, some recognized opportunity and secured very good deals. Now, the market has undergone a fundamental shift. Home prices are rising in many areas of Wisconsin, and many sellers are again in the driver’s seat.

There’s still time to act. If you feel safer taking action only once the direction of the market has been established, then that time has come. Buying when values are rising can add great comfort and peace of mind to the process.

There’s still time to choose. We all need a place to live, and we usually have just two choices—to rent or own. Over the long haul, owning has proved to be one of the most fruitful paths to prosperity. Renting has done the same—for the landlord!  In fact, I can show you, with a free, custom and very visual, graphical way, exactly how much you stand to gain by buying over renting; this can be done via our free smartphone app, via the web or in my Brookfield Office.

Still, the choice is yours. If you’re ready to seize the moment and secure your future now, opportunity looms large. A home purchase may not make you tomorrow’s next multi-billionaire. But it can do wonders for your pride, long term prosperity, comfort and stability.

Contact my team today to discuss opportunities the housing market may hold for you and how that relates back to Mortgages!  This post is part of our First Time Home Buyer Education Series; check out all posts in that category here.

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