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Are You Looking for the Easy Way to Loan Approval?

As we continue through our Loan Mechanics: The Inner Workings of a Mortgage series, we’ll look at how not to go about getting a loan approval. If you’re looking for the easy way to loan approval, read the tips below.


The Hard Way

  1. Requests for documents and info are contested or ignored.
  2. Bank statements are missing pages, and large deposits lack explanations.
  3. Tax returns are missing some schedules.
  4. Paystubs are thrown away or not provided.
  5. Your accountant, attorney, agent, or other professional partner won’t respond to inquiries.

The Easy Way

  1. All requests are quickly and accurately fulfilled.
  2. All numbered statement pages are provided, and deposits are well documented.
  3. 1040s are complete with all schedules and worksheets.
  4. Paystubs are kept available and updated.
  5. Your associated professionals communicate when needed.

With your help, we’ll get you home as quickly and easily as possible.  Contact my team if you have any questions!

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