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Markets in a Minute – 4/11/2014

For the Week Ending April 11, 2014

The Fed’s March minutes reveal a shift away from a set date for rate increases. So far, the change of heart has been friendly to both stocks and bonds.
Rates fell in response to disappointing job numbers last week. A  much improved jobless claims report this week may send them the other direction.
In another positive sign for the economy, many that had resorted to independent work for hire are finding full time positions with more traditional employers.

Lenders are introducing more jumbo loan programs these days. The shift to higher loan amounts reflects greater credit availability and higher home prices.
Fewer foreclosures and a smaller shadow inventory provide more evidence of housing’s recovery.
The second home market is approaching pre-recession levels. Experts attribute the growth to last year’s stock market gains and increasing consumer confidence.

I met a guy who’s a walking economy.

The front of his hair is in recession, his stomach is a terrible victim of inflation,

and the combination is putting him into deep depression!


Rate movements and volatility are based on published, aggregate national averages and measured from the previous to the most recent midweek daily reporting period. These rate trends can differ from our own and are subject to change at any time.

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