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Closing Promise

Time-clocks-300x225Our Promise

Envoy will close your Home Purchase on or before the Closing Date listed on the Sales Contract (or) give you a $250 VISA card*

To Qualify

  • Must receive fully executed contract at least 30 calendar days before Closing Date
  • The following items must be received at least 15 calendar days prior to the Closing Date
    • Income documentation supporting 2 years of acceptable income
    • Asset verification supporting required funds to close
    • Homeowner’s insurance policy
    • Adequate and clean title policy
    • “As Is” appraisal supporting purchase price

*The fine print:

  1. Delays caused by the Sellers or the Buyers choosing to postpone the closing date will void the closing promise.
  2. Brokered Loans (those not funded directly by Envoy), rehab such as 203(K) variations and construction loans are not eligible for Closing Promise.
  3. Closing Promise only applies to loans processed by the Louisville, Tulsa & Brookfield offices.
  4. Terms and conditions of Closing Promise are subject to change without notice.
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