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What’s Next?

Congratulations! You found the right place to get started on your free home loan application for mortgages in Wisconsin and California! Getting Pre-Approved versus just being Pre-Qualified is a big deal because you have a written pre-approval from a lender for a specific mortgage amount based on a detailed financial analysis and credit check. In other words, it’s not just a bunch of talking, but an actual letter you can count on. Below is how we get that process started.

Step One – Permission

If you haven’t already verbally given me permission to pull your credit (we would have discussed it), please email or text me at 262-696-9048 to let me know that I have your permission to pull your credit (include your name in the text). For Joint Pre-Approvals, if you are married, you can give me permission to pull your credit and your spouse’s. If you are not married, I need to hear from each borrower. It’s the law, sorry to be a pain in the neck!

Step Two – Data

If you haven’t already done so, please complete your free application at (link opens in a new tab). If you prefer to complete the application in person or via phone, please contact me to get an appointment set up.

Step Three – Verification

To complete that detailed financial analysis part and to show your sellers that you mean business if you’re buying a home, the following documents are highly recommended (without them, your pre-approval will be weak and unreliable):

  • Assets: The two most recent monthly statements (or one quarterly statement) for each of the accounts (checking, savings, money market, retirement, etc.) that you list on the application as assets.
    • Purchase Money Mortgages Require that you source your down payment; i.e. assets are almost always required.
    • Most refinance transactions do not require that you show assets, but if you do, it will add strength to your overall loan portfolio.
  • Contract: In the unlikely event that you already have an accepted offer on a home (for a purchase), please make sure you also send over a full copy of the fully executed and seller-accepted offer to purchase along with all addenda and attachments.
  • Income: Wage Earner – Each borrower’s most recent pay vouchers (pay/check stubs) covering at least a four week period
  • Income: Wage Earner – Each borrower’s two most recent annual IRS W2s from your respective employers (not full tax returns, just the W2s)
  • Income: Miscellaneous –  If an income comes from sources other than traditional wages (i.e. entitlements, retirement, etc.), I usually need the 1099(s) and/or the annual award letter(s) showing the amount of income being received for the past two years.
  • Income: All Others – If a borrower owns more than one property (or plans to retain their current property and buy another), is self-employed, owns 25% or more of a business, or earns commission income, I will need the two most recently filed personal federal income tax returns along with all applicable schedules attached (including W2s, if any).  If this borrower files as a partnership or an LLC, I will also need the Schedule K-1 and Form 1065 with all applicable schedules attached.  If this borrower files as an S-Corp, I will also need Schedule K1 1120S and Form 1120S with all applicable schedules attached. Finally, if this borrower files as a corporation, I will also need Form 1120 with all applicable schedules attached.

There are many ways you can get me the documents noted above, all methods are shown at

Bear in mind that providing these supplements is not mandatory, but highly recommended. For purchases, your real estate agent and seller will be much more comfortable with you as a buyer if they know that your lender has checked your credit, your income and your assets. For refinances, you know that the numbers provided are much more accurate.

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