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Reasons I Love My Job

There are many reasons that I love working for Envoy Mortgage. Below are just some of the highlights of being on the Envoy Brookfield team:

  • Full-time Processing Team
  • Flexibility in production; retail, leads, etc. Do what you are best at.
  • XINNIX Edge I & II training ( – First Class retail mortgage loan origination training
  • Mortgage Coach ( – live presentation technology for leads, agents and retail originators
  • RateWatch Desktop Application – interactive charting to track rate movements
  • Participation in LendingTree University training – you will become a Certified LendingTree Loan Officer
  • Envoy is 1 of only 10 “Certified” LendingTree Lenders – see them all at (no need to click a state; scroll down, we are on the first page)
  • If leads are your thing, we can provide over 100 New & Real-Time leads per month from LendingTree and other leading providers
  • Enterprise version of Velocify, formerly Leads360 ( including click-to-call technology
  • Top of Mind ( Surefire email marketing – personalized email campaigns, rate alerts and videos Check out all that it can do at
  • Envoy is a seller/servicer; most of our clients close with us and make their payments to us as well
  • A full range of benefits, including 401(k) and employer matching
  • Stability within all areas of the organization
  • In-house AMC
  • Full paperless origination system
  • You may get a very detailed view of what it’s like to work at Envoy at

Submit your application and authorize the background check by following and the selecting “Mortgage Loan Originator” to get started.

As of the date this post was published, all of this is accurate; changes may occur without notice, though I will strive to keep it updated if changes are made.

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