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Fifteen Years of Innovation

Envoy Mortgage Celebrates Its 15th Anniversary Amid Strong GrowthEnvoy Mortgage Oconomowoc Wisconsin Waukesha County Home Loans

  • Envoy’s mortgage production up 400% since 2006 in an industry that has shrunk 68%
  • A top 30 lender, Envoy was the first to create an entirely paperless loan in a completely electronic environment

Houston, TX – April 9, 2012 – Envoy Mortgage, a full-service mortgage banking company with more than 80 retail branch locations across the United States, celebrates its 15th anniversary this year. One of the nation’s 30 largest lenders by origination volume the company currently originates loans in 45 states.

“Celebrating our 15th anniversary is an important milestone in the mortgage industry. As the industry’s mortgage production has shrunk by 68 percent since 2006, Envoy’s production has shot up by 400 percent,” said Rick Thompson, CEO of Envoy Mortgage.

Envoy Mortgage is, and has always been, a 100-percent prime credit lender, with purchase mortgages representing the majority of its originations. Conventional conforming loans make up half of the company’s lending production, with FHA, VA and USDA loans constituting the other half. Envoy Mortgage recently commenced operations in Nebraska and is dedicated to expanding its retail branch presence from 44 to all 50 states.

“We constantly search for ways to do what we do better, and that means capitalizing on the talents of every single one of our employees—including those on the ground meeting with customers to those who are working to build up our internal technological capabilities,” said Pat Walden, president and COO of Envoy Mortgage. “There is no real recipe for this kind of dedication. Our success is the reward.”

Since its founding in 1997 the success of the company has resulted from focusing on the values of putting the customer first, creating relationships based on trust, and leveraging technology to realize operational efficiencies, which have directly benefited its growing national base of customers with its speed of loan closings and customer savings.

Originally named First Houston Mortgage in 1997 by co-founders David Zugheri and Dana Gompers, the company began as a two-man operation that was funded by their pooled, scant retirement savings. They shared one computer and answered the phones themselves. At the time, Gompers served as chief executive officer and Zugheri as president. Today, Envoy Mortgage boasts more than 800 employees and has grown into a nationwide mortgage presence with retail branches in nearly every state.

“After two months into our new venture, we were in the black,” said Gompers, Envoy’s executive vice president and co-founder. “Fifteen years ago, we looked at people like us to see how they were doing business. We quickly realized the people who were successful treated their employees and customers well. They knew how to manage and lead.”

In 2004 Envoy Mortgage began its efforts to remove paper from the mortgage loan process, not only to create electronic efficiencies but also to demonstrate environmental responsibility. In the same year the company launched its own completely electronic mortgage origination system and in 2007 became the first mortgage banking company to deliver an entirely paperless loan file to borrowers and investors. Garnering national attention, Envoy has saved more than 50 million sheets of paper since implementing its cutting edge paperless systems and technology.

“It was a conscious, strategic move,” said David Zugheri, Envoy’s co-founder and executive vice president. “We were looking for a way to lighten the impact on the environment and also create a way to do our business more efficiently. The premise was that we could achieve both outcomes with this idea.”

In order to accommodate its nationwide growth, First Houston Mortgage changed its name to Envoy Mortgage in 2008. At the same time Envoy adopted the mission statement: Preserving the Dream of Home Ownership. The four partners—Zugheri, Gompers, Thompson and Walden– came together and established the vision for the company: “A champion mortgage team leading the new era of lending.” Most importantly they knew that company values needed to be created and put into writing. Today, Envoy exemplifies its values: Put people first, commit to excellence, create innovative change, work with passion and always do the right thing.

About Envoy Mortgage

Envoy Mortgage is a full-service mortgage banking firm headquartered in Houston, Texas that operates a network of more than 80 retail branch locations across the U.S., currently originating loans in 45 states with several more pending. The branches offer a full menu of loan products, and knowledge and expertise in all areas of the residential mortgage lending industry. Envoy’s technology enables the company to maintain a completely paperless, in-house origination process, reducing costs and improving efficiencies. The company was originally founded in 1997 as First Houston Mortgage and later changed its name to Envoy Mortgage. For more information, visit


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