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Three Day Right of Rescission & Funding

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Most homeowners have heard about the three-day rescission – or three day right to cancel – but do not fully understand how it works. The three-day rescission, mandated by the Federal TILA (Truth in Lending Act – 1968), allows you time to review all of your documents after closing on a refinance of your primary residence to make sure the loan you signed for at closing is the mortgage you were promised earlier in the process.  This serves to protect homeowners from high-pressure-sales and bait-and-switch tactics used by some mortgage originators.

Prior to 2010, this was extremely important as lenders & originators were not held to the same strict disclosure standards that we are today; before 2010, it was completely legal, though not at all ethical, for a lender/originator to show up to the closing with a loan package very different than what had been disclosed to the borrower earlier in the process.  Today, it still is a great accountability tool, but it’s impact isn’t as far reaching (one loan being canceled by a consumer in the three days post-signing) as the fines and penalties that would be assessed to a lender or broker who is not compliant with the new rules.

As it stands, once you sign your loan documents for your primary residence refinance, the three-day wait time starts the first day in which mail is delivered (i.e. Monday through Saturday, except Federal Holidays) after you sign.  You then have until midnight on the third day in which mail is delivered to cancel your loan for any reason; the funds will then be disbursed the following business day (M-F).

Examples: Sign Monday, cancellation days are Tuesday through Thursday, funds disbursed Friday. Or, sign Thursday, cancellation days are Friday, Saturday & Monday,  funds disbursed Tuesday.

The law requires that you are notified about this Right to Cancel with two copies of the form.  If you decide to take advantage of rescission you will need to fax the written cancellations to your mortgage broker (if any), lender, and title company involved with your loan.


The loan “funds” the day that the money is disbursed from the lender to the title company. With a purchase of any property and the refinance of any property other than your primary residence, your loan will fund the same day that you sign the closing documents. For a refinance of your primary residence, your loan will fund the next business day (Monday -Friday) after your three-day rescission period has expired.

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