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Seven Questions to Ask All Buyers and Sellers That Call You

Are you asking the right questions to your clients when they contact you for help with buying or selling their home?  Are you asking the questions that get them to think…and get you to think too?

Here are seven questions, with thought provoking tips, that you should be asking every time you get a new buyer or seller calling you for help:

  1. Tell me what you would like to do?
  2. How soon and why? (You now know how serious they are)
  3. What’s causing you to do (X)? (This clearly establishes motive)
  4. Who’s involved in the process and how do they feel about this? (This gets their emotions invlovled, now you know some very important parts of their decision-making process)
  5. What has to happen in order for you to move forward? (This tells you what their triggers & objections will be so you can plan for them)
  6. Do you have a Plan “B” in case it doesn’t work out? (If motivation is low and price is high, in the case of selling a home, or if motivation is low and price is unrealistically low for the property type, in the case of working with buyers, you probably don’t want the listing or the buyer anyway as they will take up far too much of your time)
  7. Let’s set up a time to sit down and talk about what’s next. What time works better for you A or B (day/time)? (This doesn’t give them the chance to answer you with a yes or a no, it’s a date and time that works for them. Don’t ever ask, “Would you like to meet?” as it’s much easier for them to stall with that question.)

Thanks for reading. If you have questions or comments, please be sure to reach out to me.

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