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Get’em Off the Fence

When I call agents around Wisconsin, particularly here in the Milwaukee area and Lake Country, the most common thing I hear is that their biggest challenge is getting their buyers – those who are sitting on the fence – to move forward. In light of that, here are the top seven suggestions that I have found to help you get most of them off the fence and into a state of action.

  1. Overcome this objection: It’s cheaper for me to rent!  We’ve all heard that countless times. The solution? Contact me and I will create a free, customized Rent vs. Own Analysis, just like this one, that is fully customized for your buyer’s situation so as to show them that it is not cheaper, in most cases, to rent.
  2. Overcome this objection: I will wait it out for prices to drop further. Again, we have all heard this one before.  The solution here is to contact me so that I can create a free, fully customized analysis for your buyer to show them the potential costs of waiting such as a rate increase.  With our government debt as an issue and the pending downgrading of our country’s credit rating, rates are sure to go up.  Click here for a sample of the Cost of Waiting analysis.
  3. Offer a bonus. Selling agents propose offering a bonus to the buyer’s agent.  Maybe offer to pitch in to pay for part of your buyer’s or seller’s moving expenses if they close within a certain window of time.  Or, do like one I agent I know here in Waukesha County, get a small moving van and let your buyers and sellers use it for free; they just cover the fuel costs.
  4. Make the transaction easier for the buyer. Get them in touch with a lender who is experienced and efficient in getting things done. If you don’t know of a lender with more than 11 years of experience in Finance, a proven record of being a top producer and tons of past-client recommendations, contact me and I can get you in touch with some that works for you.
  5. A Down Market is an ideal move-up market.  Sure, they have a home for you to sell (can you say “Seller Side” followed by “Buyer Side?”) and they may sell it for less than what it was worth a year ago, but what about the fact that the home they plan to buy is also costing less this year than it did last year?  Equity is relative and, as is often the case, if the on-the-fence buyer or seller has lost equity, so has the home they will eventually buy.
  6. Be and stay emotional in your approach. You are not buying and selling houses, you are helping facilitate thinks like dreams, back yards, swing sets and the like.  On the buyer’s side, take a photo of each home you show them – with the buyer(s) in front of the home – so that you can recall it later to help them – when they are on the fence about which one they like – decide how they felt in front of that home. Finally, if you point out thinks like the potential for rate hikes like I noted above in number two, that, too will trigger emotions.
  7. If you need a morale boost, deploy the comic relief. Check out this short, funny video on getting “buyers” off the fence.

Thanks for reading. If you have questions or comments, please be sure to reach out to me.

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