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Spider Webs for Breakfast

As you may know, aside from being a husband, a father and mortgage banker, another label I have is that of a runner.  I run a lot; it keeps me sane.

Recently, I was blessed with the opportunity to go for a run early in the morning while the dew was still out and everything was welcoming the new morning sun.  By all accounts, it looked like it would be a beautiful, peaceful run on the iconic Ice Age Trail here in Wisconsin.

But looks can be deceiving.

It quickly became apparent that I was the first person that had been on that part of the trail on that particular day. It surely isn’t a new trail, many have been before me and many will follow, but today was a new day and, overnight, many eight-legged creatures had been hard at work; little did I know that I would be having spider webs for breakfast.

The constant faces-full of spider webs for the entire six miles got me thinking about, and relating my run to, the mortgage process:

  1. While the trail appears to be clear; there are unseen obstacles abound.
  2. Had there been someone leading me down that trail, they would have taken care of all the spider webs on my behalf, leaving me with nothing but the beauty and peace I was expecting.

Many-a-borrower have gone down the “mortgage process” trail alone (or with an inexperienced mortgage banker) in the name of saving a couple hundred Dollars. Many of which have successfully closed their loans, too, because that is possible, but the process, for them, was a full of headaches, full of inconveniences, full of spider webs.

All of which could have been anticipated, averted, handled-by a professional had said borrower chosen to have an experienced, versatile mortgage professional on their team.

Most will tell you they will never make that same mistake twice.

As a full-service mortgage banker, with seven years of experience in the business, each and every day it is my job to:

  1. Go to battle for my clients and their agents
  2. Look for ways to get things done that might not otherwise get done
  3. Keep my word and promise to be up-front, blatantly honest with all invloved
  4. Send a warning if I expect an issue with something
  5. Help you get the home or refinance you had in mind no matter how much work it may take

Over the years, I have learned that part of being a good mortgage banker is having the ability to tell you what to expect and when; to be proactive about each file on my desk.

While each loan is different and will have its own challenges, I have taken time to create a Trail Map, of sorts to help educate you about how the loan process works. It’s general in nature, but detailed enough to help you know what really goes on.

To view the Trail Map, click here, if you want to talk about your specific application and/or have questions, please contact me or start your free application here.

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