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Exploring All Avenues

As you may know, aside from being a husband, a father and mortgage banker, another label I have is that of a runner.  I run a lot; it keeps me sane.

This past Saturday, I did a 13-¼ mile stint on a new-to-me part of the iconic Ice Age Trail (IAT) here in Wisconsin.  It was a great run with perfect weather.

As you probably know, part of what makes the thousand-mile footpath – entirely in Wisconsin – successful, is the collaboration of WI DNR, NPS, local government and private landowners.

Large numbers of private landowners. 

Oftentimes, my view from the trail is that of this below (see the house through the trees?):

See that house through the trees?

Typically, those that allow the IAT to cross their land will have little trails – usually from their back yard or subdivision – that connect them straight to the IAT for their own personal enjoyment.  I cannot tell you how many of these little connector trails I have seen in my efforts to run much of the IAT; they are everywhere.

I often wondered how many of the homes I went past were listed for sale.  Because of this real estate team – The Nicholls/Kindberg Group of Coldwell Banker Metro West – I now know that one particular home is for sale.

Had I been in the market for a home, as a guy that loves to run on the raw dirt, wooded trails of Wisconsin, I would have absolutely called this agent and viewed their listing.

The main trail curves to the left by the post, the trail to the home that is for sale goes to the right.

It’s time to make sure you are doing all you can do for your sellers. It’s time to go above-and-beyond the minimum. It’s time to get your listings sold. One of the best ways to do that is to think outside the box like this team did!Are you doing what they are doing? Are you thinking outside the box? Are you marketing your properties from every angle; even the trails that cross their lots off the beaten path?

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