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Tackle Your Closets

After showing my home many times over the past six weeks, I have learned that almost all buyers are looking for an abundance of closet space!

What if your house is like mine – more than a few years old and not chock-full of closets?  What do you do to make the closets look as big as possible?

Consider these common-sense guidelines to try and make what you do have appear generous and well planned:

  • Clear out all but your current seasonal wardrobe so that your closet doesn’t look to be crammed with clothes. Clothing for other seasons should be stored elsewhere such as in the basement or attic.  A few empty hangers will also give the impression that there is closet space for more clothes.
  • Since a clear floor will make a closet seem more spacious, invest in inexpensive shoe bags or racks which will organize your collection and keep it off the floor.
  • Closet shelves should look well organized.  If your shelves contain a jumble of sweaters, socks, and hats, buy a few storage boxes and organize your shelves.
  • When prospective buyers open your closet door, they should be greeted with a whiff of fresh smelling air. Try hanging a bag of cedar chips or ball of potpourri in the back of your closets.
  • Be sure that every closet in your home has a light so that buyers can easily inspect the interiors. If your closets don’t have lights, pick up a couple easily-installed closet lights from your favorite home improvement store.
  • Little touches like this will contribute to creating the impression of a well-maintained home.
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