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Sell Your House Faster – Have a Yard Sale

Most homeowners wait until their houses have sold before having a yard sale, but this is usually a mistake. Unless you are a super-organized person who regularly donates unwanted items, throws broken things out and saves nothing you cannot use, it’s a good idea to have a yard sale before you even think about putting your house up for sale.

Do a thorough cleaning of your home and you are sure to find piles of out-dated clothing, boxes of dishes you never use, old bedspreads, draperies, etc. If you sell all of this useless clutter now, your home will look neater, and therefore more attractive (read: “bigger”) to potential buyers.

Joint Sales

Make it a joint sale with a neighbor. It’s more fun to share the event with a friend, and when those eager buyers descend upon you, it’s good to have all the assistance you can get. Also, by pooling your efforts with a neighbor, you’ll double the size of the yard sale, which will probably draw far more buyers.


Advertise in local newspapers and be sure to list some specific “goodies” to attract buyers.

Post Signs

Make a lot of large, readable signs with clear directions to your sale, and post them around town.


What doesn’t sell should go to Goodwill, the Salvation Army or to your church bazaar, not back into your house. If charity won’t take your leftovers, head for the nearest dump and make a deposit.


Price your items realistically and expect to barter. Keep remembering that your goal is to get rid of your stuff; not make a ton of money.

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